Who I Am

I am a writer. I breathe it. I live it. Words come to me easily: they enthrall, they frustrate, they ignite, they enchant me.

Without them, who would I be?

Right now, I’m calling myself J. Dominique. I am fourteen years of age, and I hope to be published by eighteen. I am currently writing a series called “Eternal,” which is a fantasy with action, adventure, and a touch of romance.

Besides writing, I love reading. I find tons of books to read (but finding a book that pleases me is another thing). Music is another passion of mine: both listening to, and playing the piano.

The point of  this blog is not only to get to know me and my stories, but for me to get to know YOU. Readers are always the most important part of a story. Without them, who would the authors be? What would the stories become? So with this blog, I hope to not only find out who I am, but also you you are.

~ J. Dominique


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