Write Your Book . . . As a Movie

You might be wondering what’s up with the title, but I also bet some of you understand what I’m going to get at.

Write your book like it’s a movie. . . .

When you read books, you feel as if you’re actually in that book, right? You feel like you’re right there with the characters, hearing their words, seeing their actions, feeling their emotions. The story unfolds before you with a cinematic feel.

This, my friends, is what you want to achieve. You want the readers to read your story and feel like they’re watching a movie; it’s so smooth, so coherent, so masterfully written.

So how, exactly, do you write a story like a movie? It’s a tough question, but one thing to always remember is: coherency. The glue that keeps the story together, keeps it flowing, keeps it understandable.

Your story must always be coherent.

To write coherently, you must make sure everything in your story has a purpose, a relationship, and a story of their own. Then, with all this knowledge, you must write. Coherency is really a hard thing to come by, but just by practicing writing you will come to know it by its many different forms and be able to correctly handle it.

This is not a widely heard of piece of advice, but it is critical. You want your readers to feel the thrill of the big screen, the power of the music, the awesome events unfolding right in front of them — all in your book’s pages.

Have fun writing, everyone! And don’t forget: coherency is the key!

~ J. Dominique


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