Is It Worth It?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my writing. Is it worth it? has been the question ringing through my head for days.

This is a critical decision that you must make. It might be at the beginning of your career as a writer, or it could be in the middle. Or it could be the end. But whenever it is presented to you, you must answer it.

Is it worth it?

Often, we writers get insecure, freaked out, stressed, worried, and depressed. But still we can’t decide the answer to that crucial question.

It’s a tough one, I admit.

Who can decide whether your story is worth it or not? Really, only you can. You are the author. Who else would know better?

This is a really hard subject to write about. It’s confusing to about everyone, I think, and it’s one of the hardest questions to answer.

I believe the only way to answer this question is to ask yourself more questions: Will I continue with this story? Does this story really grab my attention? What do I love/hate about this story? Will this story make me happy, content, and satisfied? Will this story empower and influence me?

The variety of answers you will get will determine your answer. And there are probably a million more questions you could ask yourself, but those are the few that presently come to my mind.

So take a moment right now. Think about it. Consider, reflect, contemplate, and wonder.

Is it worth it?

As for me, I have decided that yes, it is worth it. I have decided that I will continue as a writer and will make the best out of the opportunities I have been given. I have decided that my story will change my life, and hopefully, change yours, too.

~ J. Dominique


4 thoughts on “Is It Worth It?

  1. I have been asking myself that question as of late, and the answer is yes, I am worth it and so is my writing. You are so talented and wise beyond your years; it’s quite amazing. Huge pat on your back :-). Good luck in your future and I’m sure I will be seeing your name on the cover of books.

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