Within the Writing Community

Are you part of the writing community?

First off, what is the writing community? It is writers themselves. Most every writer knows at least one other writer, whether you write fiction and they write nonfiction, or you write poetry, and they write horror short stories. We all know another writer. 

I would highly recommend getting to know more writers than one. Join up with your writing community, whether it’s offline or online. Search Facebook, Twitter, WordPress for writing posts. Go Google writing sites. Join a writers group in your area; if there’s not one, create your own. There are always writers around you, even if you’re in the middle of nowhere.

I have started a teen writers group for the teens in my area and tonight is meeting number five. It’s been brilliant. We’ve been having great discussions and critique weeks. It’s probably one of the best ideas I’ve had.

What are the benefits of joining up with the writing community?

1. You get encouragement from fellow WRITERS.

2. You get feedback/critique/praise from fellow WRITERS.

3. You get friends. Who are WRITERS.

4. You get better at writing. By WRITING with fellow WRITERS!

Hey, I’m pretty shy, too, but associating with others writers, who are like me (or at least similar to me) is one of the most inspiring things ever.

Do yourself a favor. Join the writing community.


(Some good writing sites to get you started:

1. wordpress.com !

2. figment.com

3. nanowrimo.org

4. scribophile.com

5. goodreads.com

6. The aforementioned, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

7. Other blogs like wordpress.

8. Google. Google, or whatever search you use, is your friend.

9. And, of course, lots more. Most of which I can’t remember anymore. . . . But still, check ’em out.

~ J. Dominique


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