20 Reasons You Might be a Writer

1. You practice your signature for (future) book signings.

2. You are in love with notebooks (seriously, who isn’t?).

3. You can get a brilliant idea from a leaf falling to the ground (“it falls ever so softly, landing with the tiniest thump, the delicate ends gently curling, the leaf turning from gold to yellow to red to orange in the sunlight”).

4. You frequently yell at your computer when it doesn’t cooperate/You wish you had a faster computer so you could check Twitter and Facebook (or Tumblr, or YouTube, or Pinterest, or Instagram . . .) more often.

5. You hate it when your pen runs out of ink (it was your favorite pen!)/You have to sharpen your pencil every three minutes.

6. You love the smell of Panera Bread and Starbucks (heavenly bread . . . great coffee . . . you’re crazy if you don’t like that).

7. You often find yourself researching poison/how to work a gun/how to assassinate your country’s leader/where to bury a body. (Nothing unusual here, folks. . . .)

8. You sometimes break down in hysterical fits of fangirling/fanboying when you read a good book. (Books are going to be the death of me, I swear.)

9. Your favorite word is: Chocolate. (IT HELPS WITH WRITERLY DEPRESSION.)

10. You watch people. (Is there a need for any more explanation?)

11. You read dictionaries (or thesauruses. . . .) to increase your vocabulary.

12. You find yourself daydreaming when you should be concentrating on school/writing/work/etc. (Daydreams are the best, I’m telling you. If I could do it all day. . . .)

13. Your friends think you’re crazy. (“There’s always that one friend,” they say.)

14. You get obsessed with buying bookish/writerish things. (Shirts, mugs, blankets, magnets, bracelets, necklaces, headbands, hats, shoes, decorations.)

15. You don’t have much money left to buy said things. (WHY DOES WRITING NOT PAY MORE. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TIME I’VE SPENT ON THIS STORY.)

16. You scoff at people who think writing is an easy job. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!)

17. You love looking at words and you like the way they feel as you say them. (Superfluous? Abdicate? Medley? Always? Anyone, anyone?)

18. You get comma-happy sometimes. (She said, I mean, like, this is great, isn’t it, like, don’t you think, I mean, like, come on.)

19. You edit your friends’ English papers. (This may or may not be your strong point. . . .)

20. You sometimes wonder why writing is worth it, grin, bounce up and down, and promptly go back to writing whatever new story idea you have now.

~ J. Dominique


11 thoughts on “20 Reasons You Might be a Writer

  1. I’m a bit late in commenting on this, but this is incredibly true! Commas are the best. And notebooks. And good pens. Anywho, you’ve got a really cool blog, and your writing is amazing. 🙂

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