The Ways We Fall (Some Poetry)

I am falling in these always-present boundaries around me,

They twist and wind like an ever-shifting monster,

But yet they do not yield to my never-ending screams.

I can never appreciate the same-old words,

They seek to “build-and-to-edify,”

But still they ring-ring-ring in my head.

I cannot tolerate this step-to-step life,

They say I don’t need the bang-bang-booms I wish for,

But I want choices, differences, life-changes.

They will never let me go.

The boy struggles with the demons inside him — stop, he says,

The boy can’t ever let himself fall into their traps — no, he shouts,

But will they defeat him — never, he screams.

His family rejects and shuns him — why? he asks,

His friends rebuke and ignore him — how? he wonders,

But he doesn’t care what they believe — right? he thinks.

He is starting to sink into the nets of the enemy — please, he cries,

He is going to be captured by their evil words — quiet, he sobs,

But he cannot stop them for he is not strong enough — sorry, he whispers.

They will never let him go.

She is dying for a normal life, a family,

She is yearning for quiet and peace, a friend,

But can she find love in a world so torn, she doesn’t know.

Her desires are unwanted, she realizes that,

Her needs are overlooked, she hates that,

But still she hopes for love, yes she hopes.

The girl is not normal, she wishes she was.

The girl will never be normal, she questions why.

But she won’t ever know, will she.

They will never let her go.

~ J. Dominique


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