Just Keep Moving (a Poem)

This life,
It’s temporary.
We must always keep moving,
Step forward,
Step back,
Go to the side,
Just keep moving.
This path,
Is it the right one?
Don’t you worry,
There’s a light
To guide you home,
Just keep moving.
This trust,
I know it’s hard,
But believe me,
Just have faith,
It will all get better,
Just keep moving.
This pain,
It’s just a road trip.
It began,
It will end,
You’ll reach your destination,
Just keep moving.
This love,
It has always just been there,
It didn’t begin,
It won’t end,
Its presence will cradle you when you need it most,
So just keep moving.


One thought on “Just Keep Moving (a Poem)

  1. This poem is beautiful. And, it’s absolutely perfect for my own situation right now, so thank you for writing this!! You are amazing. 🙂

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