Explore Your Assets

Get to know the things around you that could be helpful to you. There are the computer things: Microsoft Word, Scrivener, WordPress, etc. And then there are the things not on the computer: your friends, your fellow writers, etc.

Let’s take a small look into these things.

Microsoft Word is probably the most used writing tool (although some writers use pen and pencil and paper). You might know how to change the font, but do you know how to properly format? Do you know that there’s a tool that allows you to “comment” on someone’s work, cross out things, and add in stuff, with never changing the actual content of the work? There are a lot of useful things in Word. Explore them. You never know when you might need them, or how helpful they could be.

I won’t touch on other writing softwares such as Scrivener, but let’s talk a bit about writing websites. There are tons of them out there, and one might just be the one that helps send your book out into the great, wide world. What are you waiting for? Go search for them?

Next, let’s talk about the things in this world that could help you. Your family may not be writers themselves (or maybe they are), but they’re sure to give you lovely critique. Your friends are the same. They are your assets, they can help you. Use them.

Until this last year, I wasn’t around many other fellow writers except for online. Then I did some research and found some writers groups that I joined/created. It’s been a great experience for me. I highly encourage joining or creating a writing group. The inspiration, feedback, and encouragement you get is out of this world.
There are many other things that can be used as an asset. Find them. Explore them. Use them.

~ J. Dominique


2 thoughts on “Explore Your Assets

  1. Scrivener is a good program, and I know several writers who use it – but when I tested it out recently I found it wasn’t for me. Another option that most writers aren’t aware of is a program called yWriter. It was designed by an author, so the interface is very basic, but includes a variety of sections for character notes, outlines, and so forth to help you plan your novel or short story. It’s also 100% free. I highly recommend it as an alternative to Scrivener.

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