Just Keep Moving (a Poem)

This life,
It’s temporary.
We must always keep moving,
Step forward,
Step back,
Go to the side,
Just keep moving.
This path,
Is it the right one?
Don’t you worry,
There’s a light
To guide you home,
Just keep moving.
This trust,
I know it’s hard,
But believe me,
Just have faith,
It will all get better,
Just keep moving.
This pain,
It’s just a road trip.
It began,
It will end,
You’ll reach your destination,
Just keep moving.
This love,
It has always just been there,
It didn’t begin,
It won’t end,
Its presence will cradle you when you need it most,
So just keep moving.


Week #1: My NaNoWriMo Experience

It’s Day Seven of NaNoWrimo! How are you doing on your word count so far?

Right now, I’m ahead by several thousand words (yay for me!).

Just so you know, for the month of November, each week I’m going to be chronicling my NaNoWriMo experiences. Here is Week #1!

Here are just a few things that happened to me in the last five days:

  1. On Day 1 I wrote 5,000 words. Yes!
  2. I’ve gone to two write-ins, both at libraries. I really encourage any of you to do this, whether or not you’re NaNo-ing. It’s a great experience to meet other writers, and it’s so encouraging.
  3. I’m nearly halfway through my novel now!
  4. I kind of cheated (you could say I’m a NaNoRebel), and had already written 10,000 words in my novel. Well, it says write “50,000 words in a month” so that’s what I’m doing. Just in my own way!
  5. My characters have declared the fact that they like each other. (Aw, isn’t that sweet.) After like four books.
  6. My homework is currently interfering with me writing today. Ugh. Why can’t November be Homework-Free Month?
  7. I’ve tried telling everyone I can that I’m participating in NaNoWriMo. (Accountability!)
  8. Most importantly (even more important than writing?! well, maybe), I’ve met a ton of new writers who are just like me, who all want to be published, and all are pushing toward the goal of 50,000 words in one month. It’s the best thing ever.

So what are you doing reading this post? Go write!

~ J. Dominique

Sometimes We Just Need to Relax

I started writing my five-book series this summer, hoping to finish by the end of the year. So far, I am still on track, but having written three books in four months is really starting to get a bit tiring.

Don’t get me wrong: I love writing. I could do it all day. Even now.

But sometimes you just need to step back, take a moment to gather your thoughts, and relax. Even the best of us need some time to ourselves.

I know, lots of times you feel like, “I have so many things to do!” “I really need to crack down hard on myself to finish this before my deadline!” “How will I get all of these things done?”

Chillax, people. If you get your novel finished a few days later than your deadline, it’s okay. As long as you get it finished.

If you’ve felt one of the above statements, or more, you might want to sit back and cool down. Writing is hard; we all need our days off.

Here’re some tips to relaxing and getting the most out of your vacation:

1. Reward yourself for all your hard work.
Do you like ice cream? Or cookies? Or cake and pie? Or maybe all four? You’ve put a lot of time and hard work into your story, you deserve some nice thing! (It doesn’t even have to be food, but seriously, there’s not much out there that’s better than food.) Get yourself that new writing app for your phone you’ve been dying to try. Get yourself a new notebook. Maybe a Starbucks gift card. Hang out with friends when you’d normally say, “I have things to do” (i. e. writing). Just reward yourself.

2. Focus on things other than writing.
If you think about your writing too much on your relaxation vacation, it might not be so much of a relaxation vacation. You need to spend some time doing some other things (maybe try living a “normal” life?). Spend time with friends and family, and just have fun, without your writing barging in. And I know, it’s impossible to wipe writing permanently for your mind, but for once, don’t let it be at the forefront of your mind. Let it sit in the back, quietly waiting until you can get back to it.

3. Don’t dwell on things.
Whether it’s about writing or not, the worst thing you can do on your vacation is dwell on things. Dwelling is no good. For one, most of what we worry about never happens. Around 75% of people worry about things that have already happened (which we can do nothing about), and things that may happen (which probably won’t). What else can I say? Don’t worry, be happy.

4. Let your inspiration guide you.
All right, after all the things I’ve said, I’m not saying you still can’t write, but that you should simply take a break from the writing process. You can write every now and then if the urge comes (which it will surely do), but my advice is to let your inspiration lead you. If inspiration strikes, write it down. If inspiration says, “YOU MUST WRITE,” then write. Don’t write because you feel obligated to; write because you want and need to.

5. Remember that this is just another step in the writing process, and, in the end, it will all be worth it.
Don’t we all imagine the glowing end in which we are all published, and all our glorious fans are crowding around us, begging for their books to be signed? If your dreams are strong enough, this will happen. So, just remember these things. Remember how it will all turn out in the end.

Now, perhaps some of you are the opposite of being too much of a busybody. As for how to overcome that, I’ll talk about that next time. As for now, I hope you enjoyed this post, I hope it gave you some positive thoughts, and I hope it helps.


~ J. Dominique

The Ways We Fall (Some Poetry)

I am falling in these always-present boundaries around me,

They twist and wind like an ever-shifting monster,

But yet they do not yield to my never-ending screams.

I can never appreciate the same-old words,

They seek to “build-and-to-edify,”

But still they ring-ring-ring in my head.

I cannot tolerate this step-to-step life,

They say I don’t need the bang-bang-booms I wish for,

But I want choices, differences, life-changes.

They will never let me go.

The boy struggles with the demons inside him — stop, he says,

The boy can’t ever let himself fall into their traps — no, he shouts,

But will they defeat him — never, he screams.

His family rejects and shuns him — why? he asks,

His friends rebuke and ignore him — how? he wonders,

But he doesn’t care what they believe — right? he thinks.

He is starting to sink into the nets of the enemy — please, he cries,

He is going to be captured by their evil words — quiet, he sobs,

But he cannot stop them for he is not strong enough — sorry, he whispers.

They will never let him go.

She is dying for a normal life, a family,

She is yearning for quiet and peace, a friend,

But can she find love in a world so torn, she doesn’t know.

Her desires are unwanted, she realizes that,

Her needs are overlooked, she hates that,

But still she hopes for love, yes she hopes.

The girl is not normal, she wishes she was.

The girl will never be normal, she questions why.

But she won’t ever know, will she.

They will never let her go.

~ J. Dominique