Darkness Loves Us (A Poem)

Darkness Loves Us
by J. Dominique

Some speculate the world will end so soon,
Some say the world will end when He decides,
But no one thinks it will end quite like this:
A person with whom I can laugh, confide,
A person with whom I will love and die.

My story starts with singing, swooning songs,
I’d been pulled to the preening party place,
My friend fell for the first person she saw,
I walked around, invisible my face,
He saw me like no else ever did.

For me, that’s when the world started to end,
I thought he would destroy me with his smile,
His gentle voice, his soothing touch all helped
To aid in my destruction all the while,
I couldn’t help my thoughts gone wild for him.

It seemed like there was nothing to perfect,
Together we did any-, everything,
Light filled my days, constant rays shined and glowed,
I was the queen, and oh, he was my king,
That should’ve been the end of my story.

But darkness overcame to beat and kill,
We were so scared, we couldn’t run from it,
It overwhelmed, swallowed us whole — our hope
Solved puzzles pieces — there wasn’t a fit,
We hid, and waited for the light to come.

I’d imagined the end to be different,
Zombies and fire and ice or stars to rain,
This was too horrible to comprehend,
Had fate close for us, no more to ordain?
This blackness won’t end: Darkness reigns supreme.

— J. Dominique