Update and a Poem

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated and I feel terrible. Because it’s been so long, this will just be an update post and as a bonus, a poem. I’ll try to post in a couple weeks with something more, though.

So, it’s NaNoWriMo month! Are any of you doing NaNoWriMo? I did NaNo for both Camps this year and I’m doing it this month. Although, it is going a bit slow for me. I hope to reach 50,000 by the end of this week, though. I’m rebelling this month and doing a mix of writing a rough draft of a story, editing my series, and planning three different stories. Yes, it’s a lot, I know. But it’s fun, nonetheless.

I took a break from writing, which is part of the reason why I haven’t posted in so long. It was a terrible case of Writer’s Block, but NaNoWriMo has helped me get out of it. Also, I think I kind of needed the break because my mind was dead for the first two months during it — meaning, I barely thought about my story at all because I’d worked my brain overtime. And then, two months ago, I started getting ideas for stories every day. Aha! My brain is awake again. It reminded me why I’d started writing in the first place, that rush of ideas.

So, yes, breaks can sometimes be detrimental to your writing, but often are needed. Though I wouldn’t always recommend a three month-long break. That’s right. I didn’t write at all for three months. I felt like an awful non-writer. But ultimately, it did help me be more fresh with writing my stories.

Anyway, that’s what’s been up with me these last few months. I’m still working on my series, doing a lot of character developments and working on some holes in my plot. I’ll probably end up having to rewrite the whole series, but oh well. We’re writers! We all know that the first draft will never be the final draft.

Without further ado, here is my bonus. This is one of my favorite poems that I’ve ever written: it’s titled “Strike My Soul.” Hope you guys like it!

It starts when I see you in the distance,
Far-off, at first, only thunder I hear,
Then clouds twist in, a beautiful romance,
With all my veins, and every single fear.

Lightning, oh, lightning, please strike near my heart,
Slice me in pieces till there’s nothing more,
Send your blinding light to shatter me ’part,
Lightning, make sure there’s nothing to restore.

Make me anew, no longer can I fall,
Through my muscles, your crystal sheen can rip,
Your sweet incandescence become my all,
Make me a path in which I cannot slip.

Connect me to life, then sever the thread,
Give me electricity, make me kneel,
Obliterate the life I once had led,
And once you’re done, there’s nothing left to heal.

To those who tried to destroy me with words,
No longer do you have the upper hand,
Your time’s up, now we’re all moving forwards,
A new era is here, run while you can.

And now with the power of loss and pain,
I’ll make you all cry in the thunder’s roll,
I am a beauty, tangled with the rain,
But this metamorphosis takes its toll.

After the days of my ruining haze,
I raise my regret as bright as fire’s blaze.

~ J. Dominique

Darkness Loves Us (A Poem)

Darkness Loves Us
by J. Dominique

Some speculate the world will end so soon,
Some say the world will end when He decides,
But no one thinks it will end quite like this:
A person with whom I can laugh, confide,
A person with whom I will love and die.

My story starts with singing, swooning songs,
I’d been pulled to the preening party place,
My friend fell for the first person she saw,
I walked around, invisible my face,
He saw me like no else ever did.

For me, that’s when the world started to end,
I thought he would destroy me with his smile,
His gentle voice, his soothing touch all helped
To aid in my destruction all the while,
I couldn’t help my thoughts gone wild for him.

It seemed like there was nothing to perfect,
Together we did any-, everything,
Light filled my days, constant rays shined and glowed,
I was the queen, and oh, he was my king,
That should’ve been the end of my story.

But darkness overcame to beat and kill,
We were so scared, we couldn’t run from it,
It overwhelmed, swallowed us whole — our hope
Solved puzzles pieces — there wasn’t a fit,
We hid, and waited for the light to come.

I’d imagined the end to be different,
Zombies and fire and ice or stars to rain,
This was too horrible to comprehend,
Had fate close for us, no more to ordain?
This blackness won’t end: Darkness reigns supreme.

— J. Dominique

The Bleeding Moon (A Poem)

the bleeding moon,
with its tainting touch.
the harvest moon,
with its foreboding frame.
the silver moon,
with its insidious irradiation.

the leaping fire,
with its tasting tongue.
the eternal fire,
with its fastidious flames.
the crimson fire,
with its irreverent incandescence.

moon and fire,
interacting, intertwining,
the fire colors the moon,
the moon reflects the fire.

the fire is duplicity,
the moon is deception,
they are so different,
yet so alike.

together, they can’t be one,
but together, they can be whole.

Some Poetry In Honor of Valentine’s (Forever Alone) Day

Poem 1:
You won’t ever know,
about me, about you,
’bout how I think of us two,
’Cause we’re not together,
and it’ll be that way forever.
You won’t ever know,
about the things I see in my mind,
’bout the feelings I had to leave behind,
’Cause we won’t be together,
and it’ll be that way forever.
You won’t ever know,
about the way I see you smile,
’bout how I haven’t seen you in a while.
’Cause we can’t be together,
and it’ll be that way forever.

Poem 2:
She walks by
I pretend not to notice her
her swinging hands
the gentle smile on her face
the way she just turns her head
To look glance at me
I turn away
before she can see
that I feel the same way

Poem 3:
I want to feel it:
The rain on my nose,
The sunshine warm on my body,
The rush of blood in my cheeks,
Your fingers around mine.
I want to smell it:
The apple pie cooling on the windowsill,
The freshly mown grass and clean linen sheets,
The scent of roses flowing on the breeze,
Your skin against mine.
I want to taste it:
The sweet strawberries,
The burning hot chili,
The fresh mint leaves,
Your lips on mine.
I want to hear it:
The morning birds’ songs,
The lilting orchestra music,
The rumble of an enthusiastic crowd,
Your voice laughing with mine.
I want to see it:
The curve of the mountains in the distance,
The sprawling city, people moving,
The ocean spreading on for now and forever,
Your smile to mirror mine.
You make me feel it.

Poem 4:
Valentine’s hearts
are too easy
to break in parts.
Because, you see,
They’re fragile things,
only mended
just by two rings,
some pretended.
Because, you see,
Valentine’s hearts
are too easy
to break in parts.

~ J. Dominique